Tiny 14K Moon With Oxidized Chain Necklace

$ 225.00

Story of the Piece

My sister and I had our own symbols when we were growing up. The star and a heart were on all our belongings instead of our names. Heart was for my sister. My mark was the star. Crescent moon is the new addition to the silhouette collection.


All hand made.

This necklace is a combination of oxidized sterling silver chain and 14k yellow gold, matte finished moon top with a bit of thickness.

Aquamarine on the chain is to represent the meaning behind “ileava”, the highest quality of pureness.

All ileava items come in our original box

Material Used

Pendant Top: K14 Yellow Gold
Chain: Oxidized Sterling Silver


8 x 3 x 3mm
chain: adjustable 37 to 40cm

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