$ 465.00

“Embellishment” line of products has received the Red Dot product design award in Germany in 2013, and has garnered lots of press coverage in The New Generation of Design exhibition, 2015 ADCS Asian cultural and creative design workshop, 2015 in Paris, France World Art Expo exhibition and received jewelry design Silver Award, as well as recognition at various jewelry authoritative exhibitions. 

Quote from the artist, Hsin Lee:  I do not belong to anyone, so I don’t want nor like wearing a necklace. I do envy pretty girls who can wear jewelry in front of their chest though, so I began to design, yearning for something different. In the thought process of the design, I observe thousands of jewelry, found a number of factors and ideas, such as there was no jewelry that blended with the female body shape, combining my thoughts led to the creation of “Embellishment.”

Product material - Copper plated 22K gold or platinum

Handmade product (may potentially take 2 weeks - 1 month to be made and delivered if not in inventory, final confirmation within 48 hours after order)

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