Winward Home

One of the very delightful aspects of life is the encounter from time to time with bright lights in the creative community and to no small degree, those creative spirits who combine their art or craft in ways which enrich our lives.

One such individual is Patrick Tai, founder and CEO of Winward Home, preeminent designers and manufacturers of hand crafted permanent botanicals. Born in Taiwan, Patrick traveled extensively around the world before settling in the San Francisco, California area. In 1978, Patrick purchased a modest silk flower import company which became Winward Home. Rather than the existing business model of selling silk flowers as a commodity, Patrick became intrigued by the art itself and its origins. Inspired by the incredible works of Trousselier of France and Miyuki Iida of Japan, Patrick threw himself into the study of the craft with the goal of distinguishing Winward as one of the greats in the field.